9th Festival Cumbre Flamenca in Los Angeles
October 26, 2018
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9th Festival Cumbre Flamenca in Los Angeles

9th Festival ‘Cumbre Flamenca’

Direct from Madrid, Flamenco super-star María Juncal returns with gypsy dancer and singer Ivan Vargas Heredia and Jonathan Reyes Jimenez from Granada and Sevilla!

The breath-taking MARIA JUNCAL returns to Southern California for two-nights of superb heartfelt flamenco performances. Considered one of the most important flamenco dancers of her generation, María has created a visual choreographic language that uniquely reflects her own personal journey. Join us for her Los Angeles return to the intimate Colony Theatre for an uncompromising evening of impassioned flamenco.

Native to the Canary Islands, María was born into a family of flamenco blood, the Borruls. María Juncal began her path studying ballet and Spanish classic dance in Tenerife, where she was a pupil of Miguel Navarro, Rosalina Ripoll and her aunt, Trini Borrul. In Madrid, she studied with legendary flamenco stars as La Tati, Guito, Merche Esmeralda and Ciro, and classic dance with Dagmara Brown.

She has worked with the companies of Manolete, Jose Greco, Guito touring in France, Spain, German, United Kingdom, Canada, The United States, Japan and China. She excelled as a soloist in the show Pure Passion, produced for Joaquin Cortes, and in The Gypsy Muse by Paco Pena. In Los Angeles, Maria has collaborated with Debbie Allen, dancer and actress of the series Fame in her documentaries on dance.

Vida Flamenca welcomes the return of María Juncal to Southern California for two special evenings of Flamenco.

Joining María is the sensational IVAN VARGAS from Granada and a gypsy singer JONATHAN REYES JIMENEZ direct from Sevilla.






IVAN VARGAS grew up dancing in the famous gypsy cave Cueva La Rocio in Granada, Spain and belongs to one of the most important Flamenco Families the ‘Los Mayas’ in southern Andalucia. Ivan debuts at the Colony Theatre with a performance that stays true to his roots of dancing with the sights, sounds, and scents of his hometown. He mixes this energy and knowledge of his youth with style learned from choreographers Juan Andres Maya and Manolete.

This show will combine past, present and future on the same stage. Vida Flamenca welcomes María Juncal, Iván Vargas and Jonathan Reyes Jimenez along with exceptional talent in Southern California.

UNESCO has declared Flamenco to be a World Heritage treasure, experience a unique, cultural tradition of Spain in the heart of Burbank!

Maria Juncal, invited guest dancer/choreographer, Madrid
Iván Vargas, invited guest dancer/choreographer, Granada
Jonathan Reyes Jimenez, invited guest singer, Sevilla
Manuel Gutierrez, dancer
Daniela Zermeño Sanchez, dancer
José Tanaka, guitar
Alex Jordan, guitarist
José Cortés Fernández, singer
Diego Alvarez El Negro, percussion




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