Abril 8 ☆ Feliz Día Internacional del Pueblo Gitano
April 8, 2020
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Abril 8 ☆ Feliz Día Internacional del Pueblo Gitano

April 8, International Day of the Gypsy People 2020

On April 8, the Day of the Gypsy People is celebrated around the world ( International Roma Day ), to remember their history and pay tribute to the gypsy victims of the Nazi genocide and persecutions throughout the centuries.  

This year the celebration is marked by the exceptional nature of the Covid -19 pandemic crisis. A date also marked by the loss of many loved ones and the harshness of not being able to share their farewells. Our memory is for those deceased and our condolences to family and friends.  

From the Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) we launch a Communiqué under the traditional gypsy greeting and that is more important than ever. From the Roma, the gypsy language: “Sastipen Thaj Mestipen”, in Castilian: “Salud y Libertad”, a saint and sign of the gypsy culture.  

In addition, on this Gypsy People’s Day 2020 , the focus is on the inequality that continues to mark the lives of many Roma girls and boys, aggravated by the situation of confinement  and in their right to education on equal terms.  In addition to the lack of technical means and technological knowledge, there is the social emergency that many families in vulnerable neighborhoods are suffering.    

On this day April 8, we also remember the Roma / Gypsy World Congress held in London on April 8, 1971, in which the Gypsy flag and anthem were instituted. For this reason, during these days, remembrance and other manifestations remain.




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