Memories of Casa Pepe, Morón de la Frontera
August 24, 2019
dunaway13 (493 articles)

Memories of Casa Pepe, Morón de la Frontera

Those were the days when flamencos enjoyed singing and dancing for one another, and neighbors didn’t complain to the authorities. Pepe had a kind of attic upstairs where an informal fiesta would sometimes take place. I remember Fernanda singing there… and Miguel Funi, Joselero, Anzonini and many others. Diego del Gastor practically lived there.

(Dedicated to my young friends from Morón who never knew those times of Ca’ Pepe).

Casa Pepe, a simple working-man’s bar that languished for decades in one corner of the plaza San Miguel in Morón de la Frontera, a small rural backwater with no train service.  The town where the legendary Silverio Franconetti spent his youth nearly two centuries ago, soaking up the “flamenco” of those early years at the blacksmith shops. It’s what the historians tell us.





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