In Memory of Manuel Molina by Tao Ruspoli

Manuel Molina 1948-2015

“A labor of love with a message far removed from the commercial world.” Being in the World

It’s 2am, and although I’m alone and exhausted. I decide to take a walk over to La Carboneria, a bar I used to hang out in 10 years earlier, when I first came to Andalucia to study the flamenco guitar. Standing outside, with a huge joint in his hand (one of those fat, filtered mixtures of tobacco and hashish you only find in Europe,) is an old bearded man. He smiles warmly, with a mischievous glint in his bloodshot eyes, takes a big puff, and says


It’s 2007 I am in Seville and I’m “casting” for my documentary, Being in the World. Of course there’s a deep irony in the fact that I’m here inspired by my mentor, a Jewish professor named Hubert Dreyfus, who (along with other great …{more}