Antonio Reyes & Diego Del Morao Concert in Madrid
October 6, 2020
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Antonio Reyes & Diego Del Morao Concert in Madrid

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions set in place in Madrid at this time, live flamenco will return to the Spanish capital on Thursday, October 8, 2020 at 9:00 p.m. The artists set to perform are vocalist Antonio Reyes (Antonio Reyes Montoya) and guitarist Diego del Morao.

In a statement, the association Circulo Flamenco de Madrid stated that their organization will resume the concerts open with the public. Carlos Martin Ballester, the association’s president, said: “We will do so for several reasons: first, because the health authorities have not raised restrictions on activities in theaters; second, because we have implemented all the security measures, going beyond what the norm requires; and third, because we believe that as a cultural entity we must set an example of involvement and responsibility, by and for flamenco. Regarding members who live outside Madrid, we will try to make the recording of the concert available to them as soon as possible.”

Antonio Reyes and Diego del Morao are closely linked to Circulo Flamenco de Madrid. Five years ago, the association released the duo’s live album Directo en el Círculo Flamenco de Madrid. Antonio Reyes and Diego del Morao will be accompanied by Manuel Salado and Tate Núñez on palmas (flamenco handclap percussion).

The concert will take place at the Teatro Flamenco Madrid (Teatro Alfil) at Calle del Pez 10 in downtown Madrid. Members planning to attend (with or without guests), must confirm their attendance as soon as possible so that the theater staff can assign their locations.

Poster credit: María Artigas.

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