Carlota Santana, beyond flamenco
January 21, 2021
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Carlota Santana, beyond flamenco

By Estela Zatania

We conversed with Carlota about her life-long project which clearly continues to be a source of inspiration and fulfillment for this energetic seventy-something grand dame.

While some investigators are fiercely defending a diversity of chauvinist or ethnocentric views of the genesis of flamenco, one American lady has devoted more than half her life to bringing people together in this art form. The frontier between art and social awareness becomes blurred, and flamenco is the common language for children with disabilities or from underprivileged environments, or racially discriminated groups, the vulnerable underbelly of a society that moves impatiently along with no time for those who can’t keep up. Carlota Santana, founder of “Flamenco Vivo”, and holder of Spain’s Cruz de la Orden del Mérito Civil (“for all the years of passion, excellence and dedication to the flamenco art”) from the King of Spain, sees only opportunities for the creation of beauty as a curative outlet.

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