Kaffa Premium Armenian Coffee
January 5, 2021
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Kaffa Premium Armenian Coffee

Now distributed from Los Angeles and available to ship throughout the USA and Canada.

With over 15 blends to choose from, all made in Armenia, Kaffa Coffee comes in a variety of coffee bean origins from all over the globe, all hand picked and blended to perfection by our coffee specialists. For the Armenian/Eastern categories, you will need an Armenian Coffee Pot (Jazve) to cook the coffee. For the Instant category blends, all you need is a cup and some hot water! So be sure to check out all the blends and have fun. https://kaffaco.com/


Kaffa is the premium Made-In-Armenia Coffee brand founded by the best professionals in the field of coffee production in Armenia, giving the Armenian coffee market a much needed new taste & aroma of special sorts of coffee. Various blends of Kaffa use special types of Arabica & Robusta from countries such as Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Kenya, India, Ethiopia, Vietnam. We are excited to make this line of unique coffee available now in USA & Canada. https://kaffaco.com/




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