“Good evening, Los Angeles. I’m happy to be able to share great music with a great audience. On behalf of my colleagues I’d like to say how glad we are to be here, and so, thank you for coming. Thank you very much.”

FECHA: Del 24/08/2015 al 26/08/2015 HORA: 22:30h LUGAR: Plaza Vieja Photo: © Morgan Smith 49 Edición 24 de agosto: MIGUEL POVEDA {foto: Morgan Smith} 25 de agosto: ANTONIO REYES, JOSÉ MENESES, y LA MACANITA 26 de agosto: EL NIÑO LA

Cumbre Flamenca/Flamenco Summit, Vida Flamenca’s flagship performance and masterclass series “Cumbre Flamenca” seeks to simultaneously challenge, preserve, and strengthen flamenco’s traditions. With a deep respect for the art, artistic integrity and opening new avenues for artistic expression, our intent is

“MANUEL” is a short documentary about the legendary Andalusian rock pioneer, singer-songwriter and flamenco guitarist Manuel Molina of Lole y Manuel by noted filmographer Tao Ruspoli. Manuel Molina Jiménez was born in Ceuta (Spain) in 1948. He was a flamenco

COBRA GYPSIES – full documentary An adventure with the indian gypsies, the new movie of Raphael Treza  Cobra Gypsies offers a contemporary and colorful window to the amazing ancient culture of the nomadic Kalbeliya tribes, living in rural Rajasthan, Northern


One of my favorite things in Spain are the pastry, candy and sweets shops. I think it has to do with the attention to detail and presentation. The sweets are both delicate and delicious, and there is almost always a

Lina is the flamenco fashion brand with extensive experience and international recognition. Since its inception in 1960 in a small workshop in Seville, Lina has stood for excellence in the field of fashion. Its hallmark is the artisan and traditional

August 1, 2015 Text and photos: Estela Zatania Courtesy The venerable series “Los Jueves Flamenco de Cádiz” reaches its 33rd edition Cante: Remedios Reyes, David Lagos, la Familia Montoya with Angelita Montoya, El Vareta, El Canastero and El Rampli.

The Greatest Flamenco Film Series Now at Your Fingertips – YouTube URL’s for “Rito y Geografía del Flamenco” by Brook Zern RITO Y GEOGRAFIA DEL FLAMENCO – A LIST OF THE PROGRAMS CURRENTLY VIEWABLE ON YOUTUBE (MAY, 2014). Thank you