The Greatest Flamenco Film Series Now at Your Fingertips – YouTube URL’s for “Rito y Geografía del Flamenco” by Brook Zern RITO Y GEOGRAFIA DEL FLAMENCO – A LIST OF THE PROGRAMS CURRENTLY VIEWABLE ON YOUTUBE (MAY, 2014). Thank you

Cinematographer and director Martijn van Beenen and Ernestina van de Noort director of the Dutch Flamenco Biennial to travel to Jerez de la Frontera in search of the roots of flamenco. They met three generations of guitarists: Manuel Morao, Moraíto

Vida Flamenca presenta Cumbre Flamenca CUMBRE FLAMENCA se dedica a promover la creación y difusión de proyectos que refleja el arte flamenco como una forma estética de la expresión cultural, histórica y artística. La danza, el canto, la poesía, la

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Sami Yaffa, the musical nomad heads for the hills of Andalusia to immerse himself in the art form of anarchists, outcasts and rebels against society — flamenco. He also meets the guru of the genre holds fort in goat shed