April 13, 2015


Mi amiga Rosario “Charo” Monge con Sr. Postigo!

EN SEVILLA: The home for Casa de la Guitarra dates from the 18th century, and it is located in the monumental area of Seville, in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz.

World-reknown guitarist José Luis Postigo founded this Flamenco cultural centre. During more than 45 years, he has been triumphing in the world of flamenco, and he has won all the major national awards.

Solo or accompanying the most important flamenco voices, guitar is his life. In his love for this instrument, he offers us a museum collection of old guitars from the 19th century. All of them are unique pieces.

In other words, we have the opportunity to come closer to the guitar and the flamenco from a different, authentic, and experienced insight. We will enjoy the Flamenco singing and dancing, as well as the guitar playing performed by young figures of flamenco.

C/ Mesón del Moro 12 – 41004 SEVILLA ( Barrio de Santa Cruz ) |
Contact 954 22 40 93 – 954 22 78 98 – 615 08 56 31


José Luis Postigo (Guitarist)

Jose Luis Postigo

José Luis Postigo Guerra was born in Seville in San Juan de Dios Street in the neighbourhood of Nervión in 1950. His family moved later to the Amate area, where her father ran a tavern. It was there, among amateur flamenco singers and customers where he developed his vocation. His art woke up through the flamenco dance, and thus he worked as flamenco dancer for ten years, first as a hobby and then professionally. However, it was the call of the magical world of the flamenco guitar what made him change the course of his artistic orientation.

Antonio Osuna, from San Bernardo Street, put the first notes as his master and took him down the path of learning the guitar. Fidelity to his teacher has always guided him. He always speaks of him with a great affection and the gratitude of a good disciple. Manolo Franco, Quique walls, Mendiola, etc. also attended guitar classes by those years.

José Luis loves his career, and he boasts one of the best Flamenco guitars collections that are the admiration of the guitar professionals. With his guitars, he has traveled around the world within the best flamenco companies and always with the top artists. Among his happiest memories, he recalls his special guitar performance accompanying Antonio Mairena in the Seville Town Hall, with occasion of the appointment of this master from Los Alcores as honorary citizen of Seville

Ha grabado más de 60 discos con cantaores como Miguel Vargas, José de la Tomasa, Fernanda y Bernarda, Antonio Núñez “El Chocolate”, Juana la del Revuelo, José Mercé, Naranjito de Triana, El Chozas, El Paquiro, Calixto Sánchez, El Cabrero, Rocío Segura, etc.

He has recorded more than 60 albums with flamenco singers such as Miguel Vargas, José of La Tomasa, Fernanda and Bernarda, Antonio Núñez “El Chocolate”, Juana of El Revuelo, José Mercé, Naranjito of Triana, El Chozas, El Paquiro, Calixto Sánchez, El Cabrero, Rocío Segura, etc.

He usually accompanies top flamenco singers with his guitar.

He played for the greatest figures of the flamenco dance as Pilar López, Rosario and Antonio “El Bailarín”, Farruco, Cristina Hoyos, Matilde Coral, Trini España, etc.. As accompanying guitarist, he has the great advantage of dominating the “beat”, due to his origins as flamenco dancer. However, José Luis does not only follows his flamenco history, but he likes to accompany new values of flamenco singing and dancing. His educational vocation complements his art. He is patron of the Cristina Heeren Foundation, entity created for the study and conservation of the Flamenco art.

He was the Manolo de Huelva ‘s National Prize of flamenco dancing and accompaniment in 1983. He has also won the Jerez de la Frontera’s Chair of Flamencology Prize. He has an infinite number of badges and distinctions from diverse Flamenco clubs thanks to his good deeds, his selflessness and his generosity with institutions and fans.

In 1997, the Miguel Vargas Club in Paradas dedicated to him its seventh Cultural Flamenco Week. The Soleá Club, with the sponsorship of the area of culture of Palma Del Rio’s Town Hall, did the same with its Cultural Flamenco Week in the year 2001.

Nevertheless, without doubt, the distinction and recognition made in 2007 on its 14th Cultural Flamenco Week by the Chozas Club in Seville will be always in his heart.

He is currently among the best flamenco guitarists dedicated to accompany singers.


Vida Flamenca

Vida Flamenca


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