U.S. Flamenco

Vida Flamenca presents in conjunction with The Office of Tourism of Spain in Los Angeles Direct from Andalucía, Spain ‘Desde la Tierra’ with Flamenco Singer Arcángel With Dancers, Macarena Lopez & Felipe Clivio Guitarist, Francisco José Gómez Percussionist, Lito Mánez

Live outdoor performances and activities on June 18-20 with dancers from the Ensemble Español, Youth Company, guest artists and musicians: First Grammy Flamenco dancer winner, Nino de los Reyes; Paco Fonta, guitarist and singer; José Moreno, dancer, guitarist, singer and

Tuesday, July 13, 2021, 8 – 9:00pm $40, $50, $70, $85 Location TBD Virtual ticket: $25 “In the beginning, it was the heartbeat: the primitive pulse of a life that became rhythm, compass: Marco. Then, wings were born on his