Mantones Juan Foronda * LyM Tu Silueta Córdoba
January 20, 2024
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Mantones Juan Foronda * LyM Tu Silueta Córdoba

From Canton to Seville: Foronda 100 years
Juan Foronda is a family business that recently celebrated its 100 years of business.

• The collection is inspired by the mantón of Manila, its history and evolution. Its origin is located in the Chinese province of Canton, although it takes its name from Manila, capital of the former Spanish colony of the Philippines, since that was where Spanish merchants saw for the first time, in the 16th century, these
wonderful pieces of embroidered silk that they brought to Spain. After arriving in Seville, we made the shawls our own and their designs evolved to our tastes until they became an essential garment of clothing.
our history, culture and tradition.

• From Canton to Seville: Foronda 100 years, is a collection set in Art Deco fashion and the Roaring Twenties, a time of great creativity in all artistic disciplines, and that in fashion gave rise to garments with exquisite taste, beauty and elegance.

• A collection that is committed to highlighting craftsmanship, tradition and history, in which you can see pieces that reflect the evolution of the shawl, ranging from the oldest shawls (which are also more than a century old) to new designs adapted to current fashion.

• Shapes: Shawls of different sizes and designs made by hand and used in different styles that reflect the versatility of this garment, its use as a complement to any look.
festive and other pieces made and inspired by the latest trend shawl.

Textures: 100% natural silk embroidered and fringed by hand.

Accessories: The accessories have been made by the companies Álvaro Garval and Blasfor.

(*)Call here: 615 74 68 32
Calle Escultor Gómez del Río, 1




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