Paco de Lucia Legacy Festival, Carnegie Hall, NYC
December 10, 2023
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Paco de Lucia Legacy Festival, Carnegie Hall, NYC

Tues., Feb. 20, 2024 * 7:30pm
Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage
Presented by Paco de Lucia Legacy Festival in collaboration with Junta de Andalucía and La Fundación Paco De Lucia
J.M.Bandera, Flamenco Guitar; Carles Benavent, Electric Bass; Ruben Blades, Vocals; Josemi Carmona, Flamenco Guitar and Mandolin; Diego “El Cigala”, Vocals; Javier Colina, Double Bass; Yerai Cortes, Flamenco Guitar; Rubem Dantas, Percussion; Mamadou Diabate, Kora; Tino Di Geraldo, Drums and Percussion; Al Dimeola, Guitar; Chano Dominguez, Piano; Duquende, Vocals; Farru, Flamenco Dancer; Farruquito, Flamenco Dancer; Pepe Habichuela, Flamenco Guitar; Salif Keita, Vocals; Carmen Linares, Vocals; Makarines, Backing Vocals and Handclaps; Jose Merce, Vocals; Rocio Molina, Flamenco Dancer; Niño Josele, Flamenco Guitar; Jorge Pardo, Flute; Silvia Perez Cruz, Vocals; Antonio Rey, Flamenco Guitar; Rafel Riqueni, Flamenco Guitar; Antonio Sanchez, Flamenco Guitar; Antonio Serrano, Harmonica; Israel Suarez “Piraña”, Percussion



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