The program of the festival, which takes place in Nîmes from January 10 to 24, was presented to the press this Tuesday. Music and dance, tradition and modernity, stars and young stars are there. Eleven days, around fifteen shows but

Inseparable flamenco sisters Fernanda, with her inspiring soleá, and Bernarda, known for her powerful bulería: the inseparable sisters are two of the greatest cantaoras in flamenco history, and representatives of the deepest, most ‘jondo’ gypsy singing. This documentary travels from

IX Flamenco Biënnale | Part 2 | december 23 en januari 24 *** Flamenco Biennale Netherlands The Flamenco Biennale Netherlands is an international performing arts festival with one of Europe’s oldest art forms, flamenco, at its beating heart. Since 2006,