Andalucía Flamenco & Cultural Forum 2024
March 31, 2024
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Andalucía Flamenco & Cultural Forum 2024

Andalusian Crush: Women in Flamenco! * Cádiz * 10 – 14 APRIL 2024

Review of this very new important Cultural Forum in Cádiz.

AN AMAZING REGION: The region of Cádiz, which practically accounts for the whole of the municipal area which could be described as half island, half peninsula, connected to the mainland by a slender, sandy strip.

Its situation is responsible for its obvious maritime attractiveness, and it has been totally dedicated to seafaring pursuits since its foundation. The Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs all passed through what is believed to be the western world’s oldest city dating back 3,000 years, and it was here that Spain’s first democratic Constitution was drawn up.

Despite its essentially urban nature, it also boasts areas of natural interest, such as the beaches of La Cortadura and el Chato, as well as Santibañez Mud Flats, which are part of Cadiz Bay Natural Park.

The city, popularly known as the “Tacita de Plata” (Silver Cup), has an unmistakable marine flavour, and its people are famous for their good humour and hospitality, as witnessed by the famous carnival; it boasts monuments of great interest, such as the Cathedral, the city walls, Holy Cross Parish Church, the Genovese Park, Puerta de la Caleta, etc. All places of indubitable charm, to which we must add the city’s cuisine and beaches, famous for their beauty, such as La Caleta, Santa Maria del Mar and La Victoria.




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