Lo Ferro 2023
July 23, 2023
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Lo Ferro 2023

Lo Ferro, a way of understanding flamenco


It was in 1980 when a group of friends, including Sebastian Escudero, “Alma Mater” of the Festival, decided to create the Lo Ferro festivities. They were the beginnings of what is now recognized as one of the most important festivals in the country.

A Festival that has grown over time. In its beginnings it began to be held in a central square in Ferreña and just 4 years later it was moved to an open-air venue with a capacity for 2000 people.

Throughout its long history, the “International Festival of Cante Flamenco de Lo Ferro” has welcomed the most outstanding cante jondo artists of recent times.

Marifé de Triana – Antonio Canales – Miguel Poveda – Chano Lobato – José Menese – Chocolate – Curro de Utrera – Dolores Abril – Estrella Morente – Fosforito – La Niña de la Puebla – Juanito Valderrama or Rafael Farina complete the great flamenco voices that have stepped on the stage of Lo Ferro.

The Peña Flamenca Melón de Oro, which got its name paying homage to the typical agricultural product of the area, is the organizer of the Festival, the one that cultivates and pampers it with all its efforts, year after year.

Declared of regional tourist interest, the “International Festival of Flamenco Song of Lo Ferro” reaches not only Murcia, but increasingly crosses borders reaching both national and international levels.

During the month prior to the festival, the Selection Tests are held, to which only about 30 cantaores of the hundreds that appear can have access.

Seven will be chosen to defend their cantes in the Semifinals of the Contest. And only 5 will be those who manage to reach the Grand Final, to opt for the highest award of the contest: the “Golden Melon”.

Obtaining the Golden Melon from the “Lo Ferro International Flamenco Singing Festival” represents an important boost in the cantaor’s artistic career, which is why year after year the number of applicants fighting for the trophy increases.

Parallel to the prestigious “Melon de Oro”, the Lo Ferro Festival awards the prize to “Ferreña”, a song that is the symbol of this district’s identity. Personal commission from Sebastián Escudero to maestro Fosforito.

The winner of the best execution of the “Ferreña” receives the “Molino de Lo Ferro” trophy as well as a financial contribution of €5,000.

The “Melon de Oro” is awarded to the most complete cantaor, not only carries great prestige but also a contribution of €12,000. Both trophies, very representative of the land, are sculpted in bronze by the Murcian artist Maite de Fruc.

Thanks to the special climate that Lo Ferro has been generating for more than 35 years, its attendees and participants live a reunion, not only with flamenco, but also with the friends that are formed, in each edition.

The guitar-singer union in flamenco is fundamental, for this reason, the official guitarists of the festival have a great responsibility, in their hands lies the future of the applicants.

The “International Festival of Flamenco Song of Lo Ferro” is accompanied and supported by Parallel Activities that complement the contest. Round tables and exhibitions are held, which always revolve around the art of flamenco.

Together with its editions of “Escuelas Flamencas”, whose hallmarks have been to serve as a showcase for the young promises of flamenco.

It also has its own dance group: The Lo Ferro Ballet, which offers an amazing spectacle of light and color combined with the harmonious movement that accompanies flamenco.

But “Lo Ferro Flamenco” doesn’t end when the curtain falls on its festival. It is a project that continues active throughout the year. Lo Ferro is art, culture and solidarity and this is reflected in the Winter Galas, in the numerous Congresses and Presentations that have flamenco as a fundamental figure and in the Solidarity Galas. In addition, the promotion of flamenco becomes a fundamental objective, taking it to numerous Spanish cities, abroad and even showing it on other continents, as in its 2012 edition in which Lo Ferro arrived in Tetouan in Morocco where spectators enjoyed flamenco in its purest form.

Every year a city, institution or personality is honored, being a distinction highly appreciated by the winner.

The flamenco Mass, officiated by the local parish priest and in which flamenco is once again the protagonist, puts the finishing touch to the big week of Lo Ferro.

The year 2010 marks a before and after in this art. Flamenco was declared an intangible heritage of humanity by Unesco and Lo Ferro was the only festival invited to the event that was held at the Reina Sofía Art Center in Madrid.

According to flamenco critics, the “Lo Ferro International Flamenco Singing Festival” is the third most important competition in Spain. Thanks to the support of the institution.





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