¡VIVA! de  Manuel Liñán * Flamenco Biënnale, Nederland
December 10, 2023
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¡VIVA! de Manuel Liñán * Flamenco Biënnale, Nederland

12 en Diciembre en La Haya, Holanda con “VIVA!!” En @flamencobiennale Amare, Den Haag

Flamenco Queer

Six men/women turn the traditional flamenco codes surprisingly cheerfully upside down in ¡VIVA!, the latest show by the internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer Manuel Liñán. Dressed in the traditional bata de cola (long trail skirt), mantón (shawl), peineta (comb), the dancers move playfully between gender roles.

Moving between genders has never been as light-hearted and powerful as in this performance, a flamenco playground where the vital primal power of flamenco is celebrated without limits. VIVA! is an exuberant cry for freedom of movement, an ode to the polyphony of the body. A candid story about queer identity in the flamenco world. Bursting with zest for life and rhythms.

6:30 PM flamenco dance workshop by Claudia Karapanou & Lucas Arango
18:45 introduction by Fernando López: ‘Notes for a transvestite history of flamenco’
7:15 PM opening of IX Flamenco Biennale | Part 2 hosted by Dolly Bellefleur

After the performance:
Meet the Artist led by Fernando López
Afterparty with DJ Onno Paloma

Dancer/choreographer Manuel Liñán (Granada, 1980) is creating an international sensation with his stimulating gender-transcending shows. According to his father’s wishes, he should have become a bullfighter. Liñán studied with legendary dancers such as Manolete and Mario Maya, created choreographies for the Spanish National Ballet and the New Spanish Ballet and the companies of Rafaela Carrasco and Teresa Nieto. He started his solo career in 2008 with Tauro and received the prestigious Spanish National Dance Prize in 2017. That same year he made his Dutch debut during the VI Flamenco Biennale with the performance Reversible, in which he organically reverses traditional gender roles in the flamenco world. In 2022, he created the performance STEFFA, with director Susanne Marx: a re-enactment of the performances of the Dutch dancer Steffa Wine. In his recent, globally acclaimed work ¡VIVA! he takes his research into gender and identity in flamenco one step further.




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