Flamenco Festival “Ciudad de Huelva”
April 12, 2024
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Flamenco Festival “Ciudad de Huelva”

The ninth edition of the Flamenco Festival “Ciudad de Huelva,” will be held from 30 May to 9 June organized by the City of Huelva and the Cajasol Foundation, as a great ally that once again demonstrates its commitment to culture and to Huelva and especially to flamenco.

For his part, Matilde Valdivia, representing the Cajasol Foundation, has recognized that the entity is moving with the flamencos for many years, so it is a pride to collaborate so that this festival continues to grow to become a reference of an art that we must thank the flamenco rocks and associations that get the new generations to drink from the sources of flamenco to ensure their continuity.

In this edition, the involvement of the Cajasol Foundation is evident by ceding its name to a new space, the Cajasol “Young Flamencos” stage, which includes two shows starring two young figures that, despite their youth, have already reached the recognition and applause of the public: Macarena López and JuanFran Carrasco, who will share the stage with two Onubense promises, two artists from Huelva who are currently pointing out and focusing the attention of fans and experts of the genre: There was a Cruz and Manuel Moreno Ramírez.

Presentación de la novena edición del Festival Flamenco ‘Ciudad de Huelva’

Alongside it, other greats, such as the virtuoso flamenco guitarist Dani de Morón, in charge of inaugurating the Festival on May 30; the more renowned singers, and authentic flamencos, such as El Pele and Luis El Zambo and many others such as JuanFran Carrasco, Lela Soto, Dolores la Agujeta and Pedro El Granaíno.

A first-class offer, to shine in the cradle of the fandango, where they will receive the Onubense talent, with our best artists, who will act as hosts, climbing to the stage names of their own like Lucía Beltrán, María Canea, Paco Cruzado, Carmen Molina, Álvaro Mora and Juani Mora, who, in this case, although not born in Huelva, arrives with the show “Poems of my uncle” produced by our multifaceted and great Jesus Fariña.

Shows that will take place in the Casa Colón and the Gran Teatro, but also in the incomparable framework of our Barrio Obrero, within the traditional section of RetaSueños, in addition to the aforementioned Scenario Cajasol “Young Flamencos.” Most of them free and free entry, except those organized in enclosed spaces whose tickets are already on sale at both the municipal lockers and the specialized websites.

Along with the shows, the exhibition “Figuras Flamencas” by Patricio Hidalgo, author of the poster can be enjoyed at Casa Colón throughout the Festival, from May 30 to June 9. As for the didactic workshops, three days are included for schoolchildren, to sow the seed of flamenco among the youngest, with the guarantee of being taught by the Association La Cavaera and Antonio Dovao. Also included is a Masterclass to be held at the Grand Theatre, centered on Percussion, by Ané Carrasco. And a talk-coloquium, to be given by Cristina Cruces Roldán to pay tribute to 100 years of Lola.

On the other hand, with regard to the inclusion in the programming of the Festival of the Fandango Young Contest of the Peña Flamenca de La Orden, which announces as a guest artist to Jesús Méndez, Pilar Miranda has said that it is a new sign of the commitment of this city to the fandango, as a saint and sign of Huelva, to protect and defend a flag from which we are deeply proud of the great Onubense artists who light this stick, thanks, undoubtedly to the commendable work carried out by the RocksFlamencas, for the defense and promotion of the fandango in particular and flamenco in general.



On May 30, next to the festival itself, the exhibition “Figuras Flamecas” by artist Patricio Hidalgo is inaugurated, which will remain open to the public until the closing of the exhibition on June 9. Besides, I’m sorry. At 9 p.m., at the Gran Teatro, the first show with the virtuous guitarist Dani de Morón and the Onubenses Carmen Molina and Paco Cruzado.


At 9 p.m., in the Gran teatro, Juani Mora arrives with a show “Poems of my uncle” produced by the multifaceted and great Onubense artist Jesús Fariña, sharing the stage with talent of the land by Sandra Carrasco.

Saturday 1 JUNE

El Pele, accompanied by the Onubense Lucía Beltrán, at 9 p.m. at the Grand Theatre.


The didactic workshops for schoolchildren at Casa Colón, from 10 a.m. to 13 p.m., by the La Cavaera Antonio Dovao Association, begin.


Teaching workshops aimed at schoolchildren at Casa Colón, from 10 a.m. to 13 p.m., by the La Cavaera Antonio Dovao Association. In the afternoon, at the Gran Teatro from 6 p.m., Masterclass of Percussion by Ana Carrasco and to finish the day the stage Cajasol Jóvenes Flamencos with Macarena López and the Onubense Sebastián Cruz is inaugurated.


The didactic workshops for schoolchildren in the Casa Colón, from 10 a.m. to 13 hours, run by the La Cavaera Antonio Dovao Association, continue. At 6 p.m., the Gran teatro hosts a Talk of Cristina Cruces Roldán to pay tribute to 100 years of Lola. To close the day, new session on the stage Cajasol Jóvenes Flamencos with JuanFran Carrasco and the Onubense Manuel Moreno Ramírez.


First session of the Quitasueños Festival, in the Barrio Obrero since 21 hours with Lela Soto and Dolores La Agujeta, hosting the Onubense María Canea.

Saturday 8 JUNE 8

Since six o’clock in the afternoon, the Fandango Joven Contest of the Flamenca Peña Flamenca de La Orden, which includes the performance of Jesús Méndez as a guest artist. In addition, the day continues in the Obrero neighborhood, with a new session of the Quitasueños Festival from nine o’clock in the evening with Luis El Zambo and Pedro El Granaíno, acting as host Álvaro Mora.


Closing the festival at 9 p.m. in the Palacio de Congresos de la Casa Colón with the Company of María Pagés, internationally recognized for its personal aesthetic concept of flamenco art, National Dance Prize and Princess of Asturias de las Artes.




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