Learn Flamenco with Cihtli Ocampo and earn college credit this Spring!
January 31, 2021
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Learn Flamenco with Cihtli Ocampo and earn college credit this Spring!

Registration has started for my class at Santa Monica College. Everyone is welcome! Register NOW for the Spring Semester at SMC!!!
DANCE 24 – Flamenco
Section #1840
Tues & Thurs 12:45-2:50 PT
Come take my class at a very affordable price and earn college credit while you’re at it! No previous requirements necessary. Just register as a student at www.smc.edu and then enroll in Dance 24 Section #1840. Classes fill up quickly so don’t wait to register!
Dance 24: Flamenco – Section #1840:
Tues / Thurs 12:45-2:50 pm PT
In this class I teach Flamenco from the ground up. Mine is a complete and holistic approach to the art form as a whole, where dance is but one aspect of the class. In this intense, four-month course we cover: Flamenco technique, style, improvisation and choreography. We immerse ourselves in a deep study of Flamenco history, rhythms and cante. We will also study the poetry and structure of Flamenco letras, learning how they relate to us as dancers in both an improvised and rehearsed setting. You will leave this course with a strong understanding of Flamenco footwork technique, arms and turns. You will learn a vast amount of marking steps, llamadas and remates in both Bulerias and Tangos. You will be able to use these in a choreography as well as be able to improvise over cante by yourself in a fiesta setting. You will learn how to sing at least one letra as a way of gaining a deeper understanding of the cante. Finally, you will leave the course with a very thorough knowledge of Flamenco history; namely the geographic, cultural, political and socio-economic conditions responsible for its inception, the cultures and people responsible for its creation and development, and the families and individuals responsible for maintaining purity, pushing innovation and catalyzing Flamenco’s evolution. See you in class!



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