World-Renowned Spanish Dance Company The Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Theater celebrates Spain in America through performance, arts education, and community programs that bring the dance, music, and song of Spain to U. S. audiences. For over 45 years, the organization

Contenidos Online con Concha Jareño Nivel intermedio/avanzado -Taranto. (Llamada y 1ª Letra) Nivel intermedio/avanzado. 5 horas. 40€ -Escobilla por Taranto. (Completo) Nivel avanzado. 6 horas. 46€ -Tangos. (audio completo) Nivel intermedio/avanzado. 9 horas. 70€ -Soleá por Bulerías. (1ª Parte) Nivel

Inesita in closing scene of Martinete por Seguiriya Presented by APAC 2016 Inesita during Solea c;2016 Again, we say to all lovers of dance and the special form of Flamenco. What is it that draws one to this art? The

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