The Magic of Flamenco (an inside view of this mysterious art)
September 15, 2020
dunaway13 (745 articles)

The Magic of Flamenco (an inside view of this mysterious art)

Inesita in closing scene of Martinete por Seguiriya Presented by APAC 2016 Inesita during Solea c;2016

Again, we say to all lovers of dance and the special form of Flamenco. What is it that draws one to this art? The dances are lively and full of spirited tempo, but most often the songs are sad and speak of loss, regret, and the darker side of life. This creates an ambiguity which is present in all forms of art. The tensions pull in different directions with the off beating and crossing rhythms and mournful strains of the cante reflecting the universal. In reality, the dance is not a choreography, but a series of fragments arranged together and linked with phrases to open and close each variation. This unique structure makes it possible to extend or reduce the dance. Because flamenco is unwritten,  it is open-ended in a endless chain of rhythm.

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