Updates to January class schedule Actualizaciones al Horario de Clases de Enero Bata de Cola class added!! ALL CLASSES ARE VIA ZOOM TODOS LAS CLASES SON TRAS EL ZOOM EVERY SUNDAY / CADA DOMINGO (5 Sundays total) 9 AM PT (HORA DE

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 4:30 PM PST – 6 PM PST Watch online a “Masterful… refreshingly un-distanced and immediate” (DC Theatre Scene) piece that explores the need for human connection and the essence of Flamenco. Engage in a virtual

Alquimia Flamenco és una formació musical de Reus i Cambrils creada el 2005. Amb una base formada per la guitarra d’Eduardo Sánchez i les percussions de Jordi Salvadó, col·laboren habitualment amb diversos artistes i companyies dels àmbits de la dansa,

During the eighth edition of the Dutch Flamenco Biennial, we’re bringing you a ‘Corona Volente’ festival. In addition to our small and exclusive offline performances, many of our performances will be available online. Expect high quality live streams, made to

Discovering who is más macho at midnight Eating 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve is both a tradition and a superstition in Spain. Rare is the Spaniard who will risk poisoning their fate for the coming year by

Virtualmente flamenco

Ya no nos tienen lavando los alimentos con desinfectante, pero todo indica que tendremos mascarillas para rato, y el flamenco virtual es un concepto en proceso de desarrollo buscando su lugar en el replanteamiento de algunas costumbres que pueden haber

by DeFlamenco, 24 12 2020 in Novedades, Video Antonio Najarro y el Ayuntamiento de Madrid felicitan la Navidad con el vídeo. Antonio Najarro ha sido el encargado de llevar la Dirección Artística y bailar en el vídeo ‘Navidad en Madrid, siente

Seville An inspiring destination Seville is a city that leaves its mark, and many people define it as special. It might be because of the grandeur of its monuments. Or perhaps the charm of areas such as Triana. It may

Mountains run through Spain in several directions, acting as natural barriers to communication and making transportation difficult until the last half of the 20th century. This is just one of the reasons why cooking differs so much from region to

Whether you are looking to see Spain from a cultural or historical perspective, or you are just looking to relax in a charming accommodation, immersed in beautiful surroundings, Spain’s Paradores are an excellent option to ensure an unforgettable trip. This