Rito y Geografia del cante Flamenco _ English subtitles

Rito y Geografía del Flamenco

by Brook Zern

The nearly 100 programs from the now legendary series “Rito y Geografía del Flamenco” were broadcast on Television Española’s Second Channel (for the region of Andalusia) over two years beginning in October of 1971. (I saw at least one — the remarkable show on Agujetas — being broadcast in Madrid, possibly on the First or main channel.)

As of today, about eighty of them have been released in the three commercial versions of the series and can be seen on YouTube. (A compilation of those programs appears on this website in alphabetical order at: http://www.flamencoexperience.com/blog/?p=1621


Jose Maria Velázquez-Gaztelu

Writer and poet, was born in Cadiz and spent his childhood and youth in Arcos de la Frontera. He resides in Madrid. He has published three books of poetry: Ash (Carabela, Barcelona, ​​1967), Rites (Adonais, Madrid, 1971) and the desert fringes (Visor, Madrid, 1998), the latter having in the Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid and in the Ledbury Poetry Festival, England, with musical illustrations guitarist Paco Cepero and the singer Maria Vargas.

His poems have appeared in various anthologies and magazines. It was co-writer, interviewer and flamenco series of TVE “Rito y Geografía del Cante” and “Rite and Geography Dance”, 113 programs attended by Pilar Lopez, Antonio, Pepe Marchena, Antonio Mairena, Caracol, Paco de Lucia , Menese, Camarón, Morente, Antonio Gades, Manolo Sanlucar, etc. He has directed and produced albums which have intervened Pedro Bacan, Fernando Earthquake, Menese Jose Manuel Morao, Pedro Peña and Carmen Linares.

As a writer and documentary film, he worked for five years in the former No-Do, and Channel 13 of the Mexican TV wrote and performed “The Way of the Rose” series, filmed in Morocco, Mexico and Spain. He has advised Basilio Martin Patino for the TV series “Andalusia, a century of fascination”.

Commissioned by the Festival of Sinaloa, Mexico, he wrote and directed the show “Music and dance pure flamenco”, with Güito, Carmen Linares and José Mercé. He is a regular contributor to the record label RTVE Music, for which manages the collection Nuestro Flamenco.

Representing RNE, in the Czech Republic won the Prix BRNO with the program “The palm”.

On the occasion of “Euroradio Special Day 94” and from the Teatro Monumental in Madrid, directed and broadcast live across Europe and Israel Flamenco Christmas Concert.

Cervantes Institute and collaborator of the State Society for International Exhibitions, has lectured at universities, cultural centers and conservatories in Spain, Morocco, England, Jordan, Egypt, United States, Lebanon, Syria, France, Japan, Germany and the Netherlands.

On behalf of Almagro Theatre Festival in 2001 he wrote the show “From my solitudes I come. Classical and flamenco “, which was performed in 2002 at the Teatro Real in Madrid.

Since 1984, writes, he directs and presents the program of Classic Radio, RNE, “Nuestro Flamenco”. He is currently responsible for the pages of Flemish Cultural and directs the Rite and Geography collection Sing, a series that presents new format, completely restored and fully documented, of which he is also the author of texts and research.

He received the National Award Flamencology in 1972 for the television series “Rito y Geografía del Cante”; in 1979 for his articles and reports on flamenco, published in newspapers and magazines; in 1997 for his radio program Nuestro Flamenco, Classic Radio, RNE, and in 2008 by management, documentation and scripts of the new “Rito y Geografía del Cante” collection.

It’s Gold Medal Festival of Arcos de la Frontera, Critics Prize Flamenco Hoy 2003 and 2006 for its work in spreading flamenco art, Gold Badge of Manuel Soto Deafness Flemish Cultural Association, Jerez de la Frontera, Badge Gold Peña de los Pueblos Blancos, Arcos de la Frontera, Cadiz, Flamenco.com Award 2006 for the new DVD collection Rite and Geography of Cante, Prize of the International Festival of Cante de las Minas 2006 by the new collection DVD Rite and Geography of Cante and in 2007 in the poetry section.