Flamenco : The Enduring Art of Inesita
November 20, 2020
dunaway13 (626 articles)

Flamenco : The Enduring Art of Inesita

FROM TINA LOVE, DIRECTOR & PRODUCER: Enjoy this portrait doc of Inesita. “Flamenco can only be Spanish, but Spanish dance can be other than flamenco.” I love how Inesita clarifies this. Enjoy my short doc, which was never finished as I had hoped to interview the NYU filmmakers, who made a short with Inesita back in 1962. I did have some fun conversations with Robert the director, a film professor, about his memories of that shoot, and collaborating with then classmate Scorsese on it. Anyhow Robert and I shared screenplays and gave each other feedback, which was fun! But he took seriously ill before an interview could happen. When you start a doc it is an exploration and through her story, I was trying to get at a meta-theme of “continuity” of purpose that artists have no matter their path. Her reflection on the continuity of the art of flamenco another facet of the theme of continuity. Anyhow, I enjoyed working on this, even if never quite done…

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