In-situ / Eduardo Guerrero / Music by IOSUPASTAR
August 8, 2021
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In-situ / Eduardo Guerrero / Music by IOSUPASTAR

Music and sound atmosphere by IOSUPASTAR

Investigating flamenco dance tradition…

Creating through artistical experimentation…

Creating through silence and architecture…


Eduardo Guerrero, alone, using only his dance and the sound of his virtuous tap dance, dwells on the deepest-rooted tradition of flamenco.

Flamenco with no music and no frill. Eduardo is the only instrument. His body, that knows the most traditional flamenco, which he has evolved with the most contemporary and avant-garde dance in his latest projects but never forgetting his roots.

The aim is maintaining a dialogue and creating new ways of expression without story lines or linear progressions. It is diving into relationship with space itself in order to create multiple points of view that implicate the spectators and make them an active part of the representation along with the dance and the atmosphere.

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