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At OléOlá our Arte is a reflection of our people, our way of living. Energy, passion, a life full of diversity and strength, delicacy and intense experience, body and soul. What better way to express this than through flamenco? Prepare

Cristina Hoyos presents OléOlá FEEL THE TRUE SOUL OF FLAMENCO Experience the soul of flamenco, which goes one step further and helps you rediscover the very best of Spanish culture and food, turning every moment into a celebration. At OléOlá,

Sadly we announce the passing of the artist Carmelilla Montoya. Descansa en paz nuestro pésame a su familia… «My time is up and I’m quitting the stages». Carmelilla Montoya is saying farewell to her professional career for health reasons. But

Bailaora de pasos cortos y elegantes, de belleza gitana y perfil flamenco. Tuvo siempre el don de la gracia y el compás. Con tres años ya era capaz de pintar caracolas con las manos. Una artista de tradición, de saga