Adiós al Villa Rosa
February 21, 2021
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Adiós al Villa Rosa

Se ha confirmado el cierre definitivo del emblemático tablao Villa Rosa de Madrid con casi 110 años de historia. El edificio enclavado en la Plaza Santa Ana de Madrid y que ha tenido diferentes usos en todos estos años, destacando las etapas en la que el arte flamenco ha sido el centro neurálgico de la capital madrileña.

Ahora se cumplirían 10 años de la última etapa del Villa Rosa como tablao flamenco, bajo la dirección artística del bailaor Jonatán Miró ha pasado por sus tablas los mejores artistas del cante, toque y baile de una generación. … {Más}


The definitive closure of the emblematic Villa Rosa de Madrid tablao with almost 110 years of history has been confirmed. The building located in the Plaza Santa Ana in Madrid and which has had different uses in all these years, highlighting the stages in which flamenco art has been the nerve center of the Madrid capital.

Now it would be 10 years since the last stage of Villa Rosa as a flamenco tablao, under the artistic direction of bailaor Jonatán Miró the best artists of a generation of cante, toque and dance have passed through its tables.

After almost a year of mandatory closure motivated by the Covid-19 crisis and in the face of the uncertainty of the end of it, the businessman Jesús Rodríguez, regent of the premises, will not renew the rental contract with the owner of the property and therefore this may be used for any other economic activity.

A venue with flamenco theater aesthetics is articulated under a framework of columns and crafts supported by pointed arches, inspired by the Alhambra in Granada, in the Andalusian Arabic style. The atmosphere is surrounded by the bullfighting and flamenco scenes of the polychrome tiles that decorate the walls of the interior of the tablao. Magnificent works of art that are still preserved intact since their creation by the best ceramists in Madrid: Antonio Ruiz de Luna and Julián de Santa Cruz (interior ceramics) and the Andalusian ceramicist, Alfonso Romero, creator of the exterior facade.




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