Feliz Día de Andalucía – Happy Andalucía Day
February 28, 2021
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Feliz Día de Andalucía – Happy Andalucía Day

TODAY, Feb. 28, marks the day of the referendum that gave full autonomy to the Andalucían community in southern Spain in 1980 and is a public holiday in the region.

The Andalucían coat of arms features Hercules calmy stroking two lions, between the Pillars of Hercules. According to Roman legends, Hercules was on his way to the garden of Hesperides and used his superhuman strength to smash the mountain of Atlas in two, creating the Strait of Gibraltar. The Rock of Gibraltar, on the Iberian peninsula, and Jebel Musa, in Ceuta, have since been known at the Pillars of Hercules.

According to the Ley 3/1982 on the anthem and shield of Andalucía, Hercules represents the ‘eternal youthful force’ of the human spirit, and the two lions represent the pacification of our powerful animal instincts.

History of Andalucía Day

Known as ‘Día de Andalucía’, this holiday commemorates the Statute of Autonomy of Andalucia referendum held on February 28th 1980, in which the Andalucían people voted for the statute that made Andalucía an autonomous community of Spain.

Depending on what day of the week that February 28th falls on, the holiday may be extended to bridge the weekend or moved if it falls on a weekend. While these may not be official holidays, many businesses and shops may close on these days.

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