Flamenco Carlos de Jacoba, Diego Amador Jr. & Savannah Fuentes
January 22, 2020
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Flamenco Carlos de Jacoba, Diego Amador Jr. & Savannah Fuentes

Sat., March 28 at 9pm
Corazón Performing Arts, 125 S Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga, CA 90290  TIX

Straight outta Spain, flamenco sensations Diego Amador Jr. and Carlos de Jacoba create pure magic with touring Pacific SW dancer & producer Savannah Fuentes, showcasing a powerful new Flamenco project “Como El Aire”. Tradition, knowledge and gypsy passion converge with a taste for the contemporary and of course, romanticism.

MARCH 28th, 9PM. $30 bucks Full Musician Support. $20 needed discount. Includes beverages. Dinner before show is available next door at the creative cool (& newest) restaurant in Topanga…shhhhhh…the restaurant’s name will be unveiled in late January.

THIS SHOW WILL SELL OUT! Standing room tix will be first come first serve.

From Seville, Diego was born into flamenco royalty. His father is the celebrated flamenco pianist/composer Diego Amador and his uncles are Rafael and Raimundo Amador (Pata Negra). More than a master of the cajón, the 25-year-old Amador is an extraordinary multi-instrumentalist who recently released a flamenco pop single ‘Y Me Siento Tan Bien’.

From a very young age he began performing and touring with some of Spain’s top flamenco artists, including Remedios Amaya, La Susi, Lole Montoya, Farruquito and Joaquín Cortés. He has also worked alongside jazz greats such as Pat Metheny, Bireli Lagrene and Charlie Haden. Known mainly as a percussionist, he also sings, plays guitar and piano and recently launched a solo project as a singer/songwriter, with the track “Y me siento tan bien”.

Flamenco guitarist Carlos de Jacoba, was born within a Roma family from the town of Motril (in the province of Granada) being the eldest of two brothers. His family instilled in him the love for flamenco since he was a child. At the same time, he fell in love with the ‘bajañí’ sound wandering the streets of his neighborhood, Huerta Carrasco. At age of 11, he was given his first guitar and began to receive classes from master Manuel Carvajal Ramos, who from the first moment discovered exceptional qualities in Carlos’ natural gift.

Eventually, the family moved to the city of Algeciras (Cádiz). It was then his artistic restlessness takes him to Madrid, where neither his guitar nor his personality go unnoticed as he enters the most avant-garde flamenco atmosphere, with musicians such as the Piraña, José Antonio Salazar & Diego el Cigala, accompanying the tour of the album “Picasso en mis ojos”.

From then on, tablaos, peñas and theaters and accompaniment to singing with the most prominent artists of the moment: Ramón el Portugués, Potito, Montse Cortés, Miguel El Rubio, Guadiana, Duquende, Estrella Morente, Rancapino, Romerito de Triana, etc. And working with dancers like Antonio Canales, Farruquito and José Maya among others.

In 2014 he produced with Lucky Losada the first album of his brother David de Jacoba (singer during the last years of the teacher Paco de Lucía). “Jubileo”, recognized as the best revelation album of flamenco singing. Carlos de Jacoba is seduced by other music including jazz & tango, collaborating with internationally renowned artists such as Larry Coryell, Alain Pérez or Jerry González. He is currently immersed in several projects, highlighting his sextet, in which he shows us his most personal side or the production of Israel Fernández’s album in homage to the “Niña los Peines”.

His connection to the tradition, knowledge and passion of gypsy roots come together, with modernity, freshness and romanticism, the result of the influences of Camarón, Paco de Lucía or Tomatito among others. Carlos de Jacoba is predestined to become a reference in today’s flamenco guitar.

Savannah Fuentes, Flamenco dancer and producer, is one of the only touring artists in the Pacific Northwest region with deep connections to Flamenco culture, presenting “…real Flamenco, straight and stunning,”
(Regina Hackett, Seattle Post Intelligencer.)

She has independently produced and danced in over 300 performances and workshops featuring internationally
recognized Spanish Flamenco artists, including Jose Anilo, Saray Munoz, Jesus Montoya, and Juanarito.

Savannah Fuentes was born in Seattle to parents of Puerto Rican and Irish ancestry. Her fascination with
Flamenco dance (baile) and singing (cante) came to her in early childhood, fueled by watching a Flamenco
performance on television “…and, although I was just a child, I felt am immediate connection to the artform.”
Ms. Fuentes considers Flamenco a lifelong study, an artistic journey she began in her late teens that
continues to this day. She has studied with many notable Flamenco artists including Guadiana, Joaquin
Grilo, Eva Yerbabuena, El Farru, and Isabel Bayon. Ms. Fuentes attributes her formation as an artist to her most
significant mentor, Maestra Sara de Luis.




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