Welcome to Kai Gourmet Seafood
July 26, 2020
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Welcome to Kai Gourmet Seafood

Getting hungry?
Dive in and start shopping!  We look forward to hearing about your first bite!


To provide the freshest, highest quality, most sustainable seafood to discerning customers nationwide within the shortest possible time frame.

For example, our wild-caught fish from the clean, cool waters of New Zealand can be delivered within 36 hours of catch to your door! An important part of our culinary message is reflecting global concern about where food comes from and what happens to it between the fishery and your table. Transparency and traceability are an important part of our culinary mission. We believe in offering the freshest, most pristine, unrivaled sustainable products available each season that will be appreciated on the tables of connoisseurs across the world. It’s this commitment that inspired our slogan, “Quality Without Exception.”

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