Extremadura, an alternative dimension
February 13, 2021
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Extremadura, an alternative dimension

Article by Estela Zatania, expoflamenco.com

With “Desde mis Entrañas”, Miguel Vargas has taken on the noble task of protecting and preserving the cultural resource that is flamenco from Extremadura, more fragile than ever in these difficult times.

Some five decades ago, the tectonic plates of flamenco began to shift and slide when Paco de Lucia awakened us from our long flamenco hibernation.  “Why should we speak with ten words when we can use a thousand?”, thus spake the genius from Algeciras.  And since great music was coming from his guitar, we rubbed our eyes, snapped to attention and followed the Pied Piper. Flamenco got a face-lift and in a short time the man himself would observe that flamenco guitar had become infected with what he humorously referred to as “the Paco virus”. …{continued}




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