Starlite Catalana Occidente 2021 en Marbella, Spain
August 1, 2021
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Starlite Catalana Occidente 2021 en Marbella, Spain

Estrella Morente y José Mercé

Starlite Catalana Occidente 2021 will receive on Monday, August 9th Estrella Morente and José Mercé, two of the most important flamenco stars in the country, in what will be a night full of magic.

Estrella Morente cannot be described in words. Looking, listening and feeling her is the only way to intimately experience her art. Prestigious scenarios from all over the country have witnessed her unmatched voice, recognized with the Ondas Award for best Flamenco creation, or the candidacy for the Latin Grammys, among many others. Estrella Morente has a global career as a soloist of the highest relevance, as she has shown her art and musical freshness to the world thanks to her crystalline voice.

José Mercé has been able to transmit as few that flamenco is for everyone, taking it to maximum popularity without losing essence or depth. With an Ondas Award, the Andalusian Medal and the Diamond Disc for selling more than a million copies during his career, the singer from Jerez has managed to position himself as one of the key artists of Spanish music, breaking borders and bringing flamenco to the big audiences, especially since 1998, when he published “Del amanecer”, an album that, according to the flamencologist José Manuel Gamboa, “made him a mass artist, placing him at the top”.





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