2020 Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony with Chick Corea with Flamenco Dancer Nino de los Reyes
January 22, 2020
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2020 Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony with Chick Corea with Flamenco Dancer Nino de los Reyes

Sun., Jan. 26, 8pm/CBS

Tune in to see flamenco dancer Nino de los Reyes perform with Chick Corea at the Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony! Nino is the first dancer, not to mention flamenco dancer, to be nominated for a Grammy!


Innovator and Pioneer

Since embarking on a solo career in 1966, Chick has been at the forefront of jazz, both as a renowned pianist forging new ground with his acoustic jazz bands and as an innovative electric keyboardist with Return to Forever, the Elektric Band, and now the electro/acoustic Vigil.

His extensive discography boasts numerous albums, beginning with his 1968 classic, Now He Sings, Now He Sobs.

Chick Corea & The Spanish Heart Band

Welcome to Chick Corea’s brand new Spanish Heart Band, the flamenco-charged eight-man band of Latin rhythm masters. Since he first played with the Spanish Flamenco guitar legend Paco de Lucia, Chick has built a deep catalog of Latin jazz brilliance, beginning with his modern-classic song “Spain,” and the world-groove inspired first Return to Forever album, featuring “Sometime Ago / La Fiesta.” Madrid’s own Jorge Pardo, an original member of Paco’s band, joins Corea on sax and flute, and Niño Josele, who played in Paco’s band in the last years, brings flamenco guitar artistry. Michael Rodriguez on trumpet and Steve Davis on trombone form one of the great modern front lines on horns. Corea’s unstoppable rhythm section — Cuban master Carlitos Del Puerto on bass and drum master of all rhythms Marcus Gilmore — provide the backbone, and rising star flamenco dancer Nino de los Reyes provides the footwork fireworks.

Chick Corea The Spanish Heart Band (Behind the Scenes)


Nino de los Reyes received his early artistic training under his parents, dancers Ramon de los Reyes and Clara Ramona. He began his training at the Centro de Arte Flamenco Amor de Dios in Madrid with masters of the calibre of Josele Heredia, María Magdalena, Manolete, Alejandro Granados y Antonio Reyes, among others. He completed this training at the Mariemma Professional Royal Conservatory of dance.

At the same time Nino began his training in classical dance with Carmina Ocaña and Nadine Boisaubert and deepened his knowledge of ballet at the prestigious Boston Ballet.

His professional career started under director Paco Sánchez in the show Campanas Flamencas.

Nino has formed part of Eduardo Serrano’s EL GÜITO company with Carmen Cortés, Javier Barón and Tito Losada among others.

He has featured as guest artist at concerts by Pepe Habichuela, Josemi Carmona, Guadiana, Paquete, Jerónimo, Miguel el Rubio, Jesús del Rosario, Camaron de pitita and Ramon el portugués.

Nino has taken part in shows of great quality and international Recognition such as Paco Suárez’ Romancero Gitano, Tony Gatlif’s Vertiges and La Celestina by Gerardo Vera.

In recent years he formed part of the group of artists accompanying master Enrique Morente at his concerts.

More recently he has taken part in important musical events such as the 4 th Berklee Middle Eastern Festival: Flamenco Today and at the Heineken Jazz Festival in Puerto Rico together with producer Javier Limón, cantaores Pepe de Lucía and Genara Cortés and percussionist Sergio Martínez.




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